“Hogwarts Legacy: A Magical Journey on the Nintendo Switch”

“Hogwarts Legacy is a highly anticipated game that has been eagerly awaited by numerous Harry Potter enthusiasts. It is an immersive, open-world action RPG set in the wizarding world of the 1800s. You can create your own character, get sorted into a house, learn spells, brew potions, and explore Hogwarts and beyond. You can also shape the fate of the wizarding world by making choices that affect the story and the gameplay.

Hogwarts Legacy was released on November 14, 2023, for various platforms, including Nintendo Switch. The Switch version of the game has some advantages and disadvantages compared to other versions. In this blog, I will review the game based on my experience playing it on the Switch.

1. Graphics and Performance of Hogwarts Legacy

The first thing that impressed me about Hogwarts Legacy was the graphics. The game looks stunning on the Switch, especially in docked mode. The environments are detailed and colorful, the character models are realistic and expressive, and the lighting and shadows are dynamic and immersive. The game also captures the atmosphere and the charm of the Harry Potter books and movies, with familiar locations, creatures, and music.

However, the graphics also come with a cost. The game suffers from some performance issues on the Switch, such as long loading times, occasional frame drops, and pop-in textures. These issues are not game-breaking, but they can be annoying and distracting. The game also takes up a lot of storage space on the Switch, requiring a download of at least 15GB⁴. If you want to play the game on the Switch, you might need to invest in a microSD card or delete some other games.

2. Gameplay and Content of Hogwarts Legacy

The gameplay of Hogwarts Legacy is varied and fun. You can explore the open world at your own pace, finding secrets, collecting items, and completing side quests. You can also interact with other characters, making friends, enemies, or even romances. The game has a branching dialogue system, where your choices can affect your relationships, your reputation, and the outcome of the story.

The combat system is also enjoyable and challenging. You can use different spells, potions, and items to fight against various enemies, such as dark wizards, trolls, goblins, and more. You can also customize your character’s skills and abilities, choosing from different classes, specializations, and perks. The game has a difficulty slider, so you can adjust the game to your preference and skill level.

The game boasts a plethora of engaging content, ensuring an abundance of replay value for players. The main story is long and engaging, with multiple endings and twists. The game also has a lot of side content, such as mini-games, collectibles, achievements, and DLC. The game has a digital deluxe edition⁵ and a collector’s edition⁵ that offer extra content and bonuses, such as additional outfits, spells, pets, and more. The game also has a free update that adds Quidditch Champions, a new mode where you can play the popular wizarding sport¹.


Hogwarts Legacy is a game that I would recommend to any Harry Potter fan or RPG lover. It is a game that lets you live your own wizarding adventure, with a rich and immersive world, a captivating story, and a fun and diverse gameplay. The game is not perfect, and it has some flaws and limitations on the Switch, but it is still a great game that deserves your attention and time. If you are looking for a magical game to play on your Switch, you should definitely check out Hogwarts Legacy. You can buy the game online at the official My Nintendo Store or at Amazon.

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