9.Tony Snell's Mission Beyond Basketball

8.NBA veteran Tony Snell faces a crucial deadline to secure his 10th year of service for the Players Association’s retiree benefits program. But for him, it's not just about basketball; it's about his family's well-being.

7.Snell's motivation extends beyond the court to his two sons, Karter and Kenzo, both diagnosed with autism. He's driven by the need to secure their future and access premium medical care.

6.Traded multiple times and overlooked by NBA teams, Snell found himself out of the playoff rotation. Now with the Maine Celtics, he's fighting for a spot to secure his family's future.

5.Snell's revelation about his son's autism diagnoses led to a newfound purpose. He aims to raise awareness and support for autism through the Tony Snell Foundation.

5.Snell plans to organize basketball camps that bring together children on the spectrum and those who are not, fostering connections and showcasing inclusivity.

3.Snell's NBA journey began with the Chicago Bulls in 2013 and has taken him through multiple teams, each chapter marked by his defensive prowess and shooting ability.

2.Snell has averaged 6.1 points and 2.1 rebounds throughout his career, with his best season coming with the Milwaukee Bucks.

1.Tony Snell's journey exemplifies resilience and dedication, both on and off the court. His determination to overcome challenges and make a difference serves as an inspiration to all.